Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vacations with Babies...

...are not really vacations at all. Especially when your other half is not "vacationing" with you. Here's why you need to bring back up.

* Two extra hands to fish random stuff (that belongs to your relatives and is usually breakable or an heirloom) out of the toilet.

* You'd be surprised how difficult it is to unload groceries or shopping bags...or anything for that six inches of snow with a child on your hip because you can't leave them alone inside the un-childproofed house.

* At some point you're going to want to eat (sleep, have a conversation, handle a crisis, be able to hear your own thoughts for two seconds) on this trip.

* Childproofing means very different things to different people...even if they have kids.

* The child you have at home is not the child you have on vacation. Suddenly they do weirdo things  like pinch, hit your mother's dog, and totally flip out when you try to go to the bathroom...or make a phone call...or breathe.

* If you are a "napper" you can kiss that pipe dream goodbye.

At least you leave with a greater appreciation for your hubs (plus great pictures and memories).

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