Thursday, December 22, 2011


Sometimes things are easy. I love those times. The past few weeks have not been some of those times, and have required some  a lot of logistical planning. I'm a planner anyhow so I'm not bothered by things not being super easy, so here is how my brain works as I encounter some of the issues that make it necessary to reroute my plans (fair warning--girl talk present in some of these situations, boys might be weirded out):

Situation #1:
I need to take a shower because...well...that's what people do. And I need to shave my legs somethin' fierce.

Charlotte wants to be in the shower with me, and she clings to my legs as if touching anything else is touching hot lava. I can't shave my legs like that.

Shave my legs as soon as I get in the shower, and let Charlotte play in the bathroom during that five minutes then bring her in with me so she'll stop crying.

Suck it up:
This is what happens in that five minutes...
What you can't see in this picture are the three rolls of toilet paper and the two towels that she put in the shower with me. Apparently I need a better storage solution.

Situation #2:
I need to take the trash a lot of trash. Like this much trash:
I feel like I need to explain my disgustingness first. Usually Matt takes the trash out and we never let it pile up like this.

Matt has been TDY for six weeks, and still isn't home yet. So there goes that. YES I am perfectly capable of taking some measly trash bags out to the bin, but that presents a whole other set of problems. Our garage is detached. Behind the garage is the alley where the trash bin is located. So taking the trash out to the bin myself would require opening the garage door and leaving Charlotte inside by herself, which I can do (she has a totally childproofed area that she can stay in for five minutes), but I would need to leave the back door open so I can hear her if she needs me. If I leave the back door open, and the garage door is open, the dogs will get out and run all over town. Eh, maybe that's not such a bad idea. I kind of hate one of my dogs now anyway...

Frankly I should have been taking a bag out at a time when I'm already going to the garage to go run some errands. Apparently I'm not a good enough planner. New solution: wait 'til Matt comes home.

Situation #3:
I've had a "system" for my cloth diapers for like a year. Everything is neatly put away in easily accessible organization bin type things. Charlotte has never really been too interested in them and left them alone...until recently. Now she takes everything out (diapers, inserts, everything), and then later comes to shove it all back in, as partially seen here:

OBVIOUSLY I need a new storage system that she can't get into. Well...I have one. I bought a dresser that I can store everything in and put child lock things on so she can't run amok with the dipes. Buuuut there's a little issue with that right now. The dresser is in the back of my car. It is heavy. I am pregnant. My husband is gone. This one waits 'til the hubs gets back.

Situation #4:
It snows. The sidewalks need shoveling.

It's not too much snow to shovel being pregnant. It's not like there are 8 inches of it out there. But there's a toddler in the house who is too heavy for me to wear, and can't be left inside alone.

Sorry. Not doing it.

So the moral of this story is that logistically and otherwise, I love my husband. And he needs to come home. But seriously, logistically he needs to come home.

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