Monday, August 20, 2012

So You Want Another Kid, Huh?

Take this quiz and then decide!
(this is all meant in fun!)

1) Has your current child begun sleeping through the night?
    -If you answered YES, then my vote is to wait on number two! Get that sleep, mama! Enjoy it now!
    -If you answered NO, eh, go ahead with number two. You're already living on two hours of sleep a night
      and a steady diet of caffeine and caffeine.

2) How many arms do you have?
    -If you answered TWO, then that's clearly not enough arms. Wait until you sprout a third and fourth...and
      then MAYBE you'll be ready.
    -If you answered TWO, then you've got this. You'd be surprised at the number of things you can do with
      one arm taking care of each child. Hell, before you know it you'll be nursing, making dinner, cleaning up 
      a bucket of dog food that your toddler just spilled on the floor, and talking to your best friend (and
      actually paying attention) all at the same time!

3) Essay Question: You're changing the baby's diaper. S/he projectile poops at the same time that the
    toddler learns how to scale the baby gate and chase the cat upstairs while holding a handful of toothpicks.
    WHAT DO YOU DO???? You have 1.5 seconds to answer this question.

4) You have company coming over in 30 minutes. You need a shower, the toddler is covered in peanut
     butter, the baby is screaming, your Mother In Law is calling you, and the dog just pooped in your
     shoe. List these in the order in which you would attend to them. You have 3 seconds.

5.) What's that? What's that? What's that? What's that? What's that? What's that?
     Well...what are those things?

6.) Final question: Do you have the cleverness to improvise elaborate photos, baby books, Christmas gifts
     for Grandma and Grandpa that DON'T look like they were thrown together in an effort to make sure
     you appear to have had enough time and interest in making sure things are somewhat "even" between the
     two kids? Because you KNOW you went to town on this stuff with your first.

So...what's your conclusion? Leave your answers in the comments if you wish!!!