Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cloth Wipes!

I couldn't wait 'til Sunday to start this. Plus, my husband was working through the night (and saving lives!) and won't be home until this evening so I had time on my hands.

In my estimation, we go through about 100 wipes per week (we also use them for cleanup), and I swear she poops ten times a day. I prefer the name brand wipes because they are thicker. So we spend roughly $20 per month on wipes. That's $240 a year.

Today, I spent the following:
$8 for 2 yds of flannel (I looked for clearance flannel but they didn't have any)
$1.50 on baby wash
$3 on baby oil

$12.50 total

Obviously the baby wash and baby oil will need replenished, so I estimate these wipes pay themselves off in about a month. Considering my diapers have saved me about $300 already, I'm doing pretty well!

So here's what I did

I cut up my flannel into wipe-size pieces. It made roughly 70 wipes.

In a large water bottle, I put 2 cups hot water, 1/2 cup baby oil, and 1/2 cup baby wash.

I poured enough of the solution over the wipes to moisten them, and then added hot water so that the container was about half full. (The solution is very soapy, so I diluted it).

I have a plastic trash can with a trash bag in it for storing dirties. I put a small amount of powdered detergent in the bottom of the trash bag to keep the stink away. When I go to wash, I can just dump all of the bag's contents in the washer, add a bit more detergent and we're done!

I've done two (bad) diaper changes today. Generally her "difficult" changes require 3 or 4 wipes. These changes took only 1 or 2 because of the durability. So far I'm happy. We'll see how I feel when the laundry increase :)

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