Friday, July 22, 2011

AHEM! I Have a Very Important Announcement to make...

Brace THROUGH THE NIGHT. Officially. I didn't want to jinx it, but it's been a solid few weeks. I realize that everything in babyhood and toddlerhood (and probably childhood altogether) is a phase, but seriously folks. This is big. Would you like to hear the story of my crap napper?

It all started the day she was born. She slept like a champ, as ALL newborns do. Seriously, that's what they do. But I thought I hit it big. I was like, "Wow! I have such a great sleeper! How lucky am I?!" Guess what...WRONG. By two months old, she was sleeping 6 hour stretches. That, my friends, was a beautiful thing. And then 3 months rolled around. Buh-bye beauty sleep! Hello crazy baby. I swear I lost count of the number of nights that she woke every hour AT MOST. By five months, 45 minutes was a sweet sweet gift. She would sleep on me just fine, and for long periods of time, so we started cosleeping. Seriously, that was the best freakin' decision of my life. I wish I had done it at 3 months. She wanted it, she needed it. I should have given it to her sooner.

So for a while it was gggggrrrraaaannnnddd! Then BAM! Guess who gets sick. Fever, screaming, the emergency room, the works. So that went on for about 5 days and she got better. We got back on track. Knock knock! Who's there? TEETH! Yes! That was awesome. We got through that, too. Remember? Everything's a phase.

Oh, wait! What month is it? January? Ah yes, time to get sick again. But Doc, why won't you give her antibiotics? It's been a week. Oh, it'll go away on its own, you say? Ok. But Doc, it's been THREE weeks now! Give her something for reelz.

Ok, now it's February. Hello more teeth! Yaaaay! Oh, it's also time for more solid food! Hooray! Such an exciting thing to watch your baby try new flavors! Not so exciting to find out what gives them gas and diarrhea. More sleep crap. But I learned, and we got through that, too.

March was pretty rockin' as I recall. April, though, brought visits to see family, unfamiliar places, and seriously f'ed up schedules. Ok, at this point I'm ready to eat my coffee grounds straight. May wasn't so bad. June was more road trippin' and screwy schedules and new people and new places. And guess what...It's July! Skippidy DOOOO! Sweet, sweet sleep. I'm drooling right now. Over sleep.

She still sleeps in bed with me, and I absolutely adore it. Wouldn't change it, and will do it with my subsequent children. When she's a teenager she'll probably give me the finger, so I'm enjoying every possible snuggle I can soak up. And thus ends the story of my crap sleeper. God makes them cute for a very good reason. It kept me from stabbing myself in the eyeballs about a thousand times.


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