Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 44...

A blurry but awesome reaction to bananas & pineapple. And speaking of baby food, I've officially taken the next step in hippiedom. I'm making my own now, although that's really nothing to shout about at the 9 month mark. It's more a modification of our food than "making" baby food. I'm definitely not busting out the blender. Tonight she'll be getting some mashed potatoes and shredded chicken breast. Please, please, stop the applause. I know it's quite a feat, but really you're making me blush! Anyways, for whatever reason I got all freaked out last night about the sugar and sodium in the Gerber stuff, and I must say it was a rather irrational response that kept me up. I think instead of making my own baby food I should just take a xanax.

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