Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seriously, who's kid is this?

Would the person who abducted my sweet, snuggly baby please return her as soon as possible. I am not impressed with your replacement. This one suddenly has a will all her own and screamed at me all day today. No really, this isn't funny. I'm pretty sure that if she knew how to eat with a fork she'd stab me with it and I don't like it. I tried being patient with her, offering bribes, giving in, everything but she wasn't impressed. In fact, she prefers everyone else in the room today over me and it's making me sad. Don't get me wrong, she's really cute, and I understand you thought I wouldn't notice. I mean, she looks JUST like Charlotte, but I know what you're up to. I would have taken my sweet girl, too! She was smiley, and gave hugs, and her giggles would melt my heart. So I don't blame you at all, I just really want you to return her.

She changed my life the second I saw her, so I have no doubt you're having the greatest time with her. I'll give you a couple more days with her at most before I lose my mind over here. Thanks, and kiss my baby for me :)

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