Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dude, seriously?

I've heard of this kind of thing happening about a bajillion times and I thought I'd come up with a good come-back if it ever happened to me, but at 7am, running on 3 hours of sleep and the panic of not getting a deposit made in time, I totally disappointed myself, damn it!

First thing yesterday morning I had to go to the store to get some ink for our printer...which, incidentally, won't perform non-printing functions unless BOTH ink cartridges are full *sigh*. What a lovely reason to have to drop 30 bucks on ink that's not necessary as the first thing on my to-do list after Char woke up no fewer than 75 times the night before. Anyways, it was a steamy 55 degrees here in the Great White North and the peanut had sweat pants, a onesie (with sleeves), and some wicked cool tube socks on. I didn't put a jacket on her because she gets warm easily and I had her in the ring sling (that covers her up to her neck). I say this preemptively in case anyone decides to take this lady's side.

So, bleary eyed and maybe hallucinating, I find this furking ink and check out. I guess this woman's altruism just overcame her because she about called child services because Char didn't have a jacket on. Perhaps God put her on this planet to school all the stupid moms out there...but my own theory is that she needs a damn life and some grandkids to freak out about. "Goodness sakes MOMMY! That child needs a JACKET!" And my pathetic response, "She's ok." I was even mildly chipper about it! GRRRR!

But like we ALL do, I came up with a good one once I got home and squeezed in a 7 minute nap. (Clearing throat), "I got her through the 50 below weather we just had for 7 months, I don't think 55 ABOVE ZERO is going to give her pneumonia!" And anyone who lives in this region knows that TECHNICALLY, 55 is good enough to sunbathe in. Anyways, she had a stupid old lady hat on so I figure she's told she's an idiot enough times during her day.

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  1. same thing happened to me last year! a woman was yelling at me out of a window, driving through walmart. She said i should go to jail and have my kid taken away. i laugh at it now, people are so stupid.