Friday, March 11, 2011

The Hippie Creep...

There was a "way" that I thought I would parent before even giving birth...hell before even getting pregnant. The "way" was what was considered the norm by the mommies around me. Not bashing or judging in the least!! It just seemed that there were things I always heard about, methods other moms used for all sorts of things, that I accepted as the methods I would use because that's what mommies do. Let me give some examples: putting baby in her own room within a couple of months after birth, some form of sleep training, using regular disposable diapers. These are things millions of mothers do, and it's been the right thing for them. I never thought about there being other was of doing these things, just sorta "did what moms do." Of course now (8 months later), I've learned that millions of moms do all sorts of different things, and it's ok for ME to be ok with doing what I'm doing...which is creeping up on becoming a hippie-mom :o) Charlotte still sleeps in our room, and will for a looooong time I'm sure. In fact, she'll sleep in my bed for probably the next two years! I've started using cloth diapers, which I admittedly used to think was, well, for hippie moms. Now, I'm really wanting a food processor so I can start making baby food, I'm on the edge of starting to recycle, and I'm researching ways to make my own cleaning products. Yes...I'm creeping up on hippie-mommyhood. These are things I NEVER thought I'd consider a year ago.

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