Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Life As...

A year ago this blog would have been titled, "My Life As The Happiest Pregnant Woman You'll Ever Meet." A year before that, it would have been titled, "My Life as a Military Spouse, Trying Desperately to Find My Way in the World of the Air Force..and Some Friends for That Matter." A couple years before that, it would have been, "My Life as an Elementary School Teacher." And before that, "My Life as a College Student With Two Jobs, Living in a Studio Apartment." I suppose I could go back as far as, "My Life as a Toddler, Crawling Out of the Bedroom With My Nose Plugged Because My Brother Just Filled His Diaper," but you get the point.

But here I am, a mommy. That still sounds so strange to me, since I have yet to hear her call me that. I'm in no rush, though. It already brings tears to my eyes that she's outgrowing 12 month jammies. But the day she was born, the days of thinking of myself as an Elementary Teacher, or a Military Spouse, or a College Student were in the background. Now for the most phenomenal job title I'll ever hold. I'm sure it will evolve, though. Maybe into, "Mommy Losing Her Sanity," or, "Mommy Needs a Drink," or even, "Mommy's Kids Are Grown Now, so Maybe She Should Go Back to Teaching Full Time."

I'm absolutely in LOVE with motherhood. But this blog is not meant to bore you with my words. Nope. I don't think what I have to say is all that interesting. And most of you are mommies yourselves probably, so nothing I say is going to impress anyone. So I'm doing this as an excuse to take pictures. Maybe this will take the edge off of the obsessive Facebook picture posting that's probably earning me an annoying reputation.

So here goes. One picture a day for 365 days is my goal. I'm sure 99% of them will be of my little love bucket, Charlotte. But I'll try to add some variety so I seem like I have at least a little bit of a life outside of mommyhood.

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