Monday, October 3, 2011

Toddler Carriers...Wearing My Big Baby!

Miss Charlotte is just growing and growing! So much so, that my beloved (and I mean that) Beco Gemini is no longer usable :( Seriously, insert sad, slow music here. I loved it so much, that I am having a really difficult time deciding on a toddler carrier. Will I love it as much as my first love? Sigh...I fear I'll never find as perfect a match as I did with ol' Gem.

Why do I need a new carrier? Child carriers need to provide support in such a way that the child's knees are slightly higher than the pelvis. The carrier should provide a deep seat, and should mimick the way the child would sit if you were holding him or her. The Beco Gemini, in all its greatness, has a narrower seat than an Ergo, Mei Tai, or Beco Butterfly II. (note: I would still choose the Gemini over these carriers). Charlotte has some pretty long legs, so the support is just not ideal anymore. Toddler carriers are designed to keep the knees in the ideal position for longer as your toddler grows.

So, like I always do...I've started researching. I have narrowed it down to two soft, structured carriers: The Boba, and Olives & Applesauce.

Boba 3G
Olives & Applesauce

I've heard great reviews on both carriers, and the prices are relatively similar. I'll keep you all posted on my decision...

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  1. So... I thought I was all set on the boba...
    What did you finally decide?

    PS I found you via a totally random google search. Hope you don't mind my asking! But what's a mama to do when she can't decide?!