Wednesday, September 14, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Here are some of my favorite informational resources, baby products, parenting sites and blogs, etc.

There is a great deal of information available about the benefits of cosleeping, even though it is discouraged in the mainstream. There is a safe and proper way to cosleep, but when done safely, can be an immensely rewarding sleeping arrangement with loads of benefits for both mom and baby.

Dr. Sears' website has some wonderful information. I gleaned a great deal of confidence in my decision to cosleep full time from his site:
More info from
And this is a great article about cosleeping past infancy:

Babywearing is one of my other favorite things about mommyhood. Again, there are safe ways to babywear, and unsafe ways. Many of us don't research it much before doing so, which can result in incorrect positioning, and the use of unsafe carriers. Here is some great information on safety!

And here are some of my absolute favorite carriers :)

SweetPea Ring Slings. I'll never love another ring sling as much as my silk SweetPeas! The shoulder on these slings is a pleated shoulder, which acts as a sort of padding, especially with the double layer of dupioni silk. These are easy to adjust and I am still wearing Charlotte in these and she's 14 months old now. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. Worth every penny. I will probably get a couple more when we have another baby! Hooked, I tell you...HOOKED!

Beco Gemini!!! Hands down the MOST comfortable carrier I own. This is a structured carrier. The reason I love this more than other structured carriers is mainly because the straps criss cross in the back. I found that other carriers that work like a reverse back pack aren't nearly as comfortable because the straps rub under my arms and it's super annoying and uncomfortable. Also, the seat comes up higher to support baby's head, therefore eliminating the need for an infant insert, and can be used much longer.

Cloth Diapers
I didn't start using cloth until Char was about 7 months old, and I'll not be making that mistake again. I decided to go with pocket diapers. I've tried several brands and what works for me are Happy Heinys and Fuzzibunz. There's a big wide world of cloth diapers out there, and every mom loves something a little bit different! I love these for two different reasons.

I like Fuzzibunz because they fit Char really well, as she is sort of a skinny-minny :) These are a bit more trim than the other dipes I've used. Never had a leak or blowout in these! They run about $20 each. .

I like Happy Heinys because they will grow well with Charlotte. I wouldn't have started with these because they are actually better for bigger babies, which is why they are one of my favorites now that she's a toddler. Will be ordering a couple more of these very soon, so cute!

As far as detergent goes, I am a fan of All and Borax. I also use vinegar in my rinse from time to time.

Nursing supplies, clothes, and information
Since I'm still nursing (woo hoo!) I am still in the market for nursing bras. Here are some of my    faves:
    This one offers me the most support but can limit my wardrobe a bit because of the racerback
    this one I like for night time
I don't pump anymore so I can't offer any advice there (I hated my pump, by the way). But these are some great sites with a ton of information about all things boob!

    Good info on extended breastfeeding here:

Feeding my child healthy foods:
Cool Baby Products and Toys that I Love
Of course every parent likes different things but these were some of the coolest I found.

Swaddling blankets:
Changing Wallet:
Itzbeen Babycare Timer:
Baby swing (didn't buy this until she was 10 months old)

Blogs and other Great Sites! (great resource!) (fabulous discipline information and help!)

I'm sure there are about a million awesome things I'm missing on the list. Feel free to add your faves in the comments!

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